Monday, 7 February 2011

The stars of the garden!

  I decided that as the vegetables are the stars of the garden.... they needed some row markers to suit their status!

 Plain white labels or bits of wood with the old packets stuck on top would just not do them justice anymore... they needed something with a bit of style, something that stands out in a crowd, and most of all something that Sarah likes (yes, she is mad on stars!!)

  A bit of messing on the computer.. some laser cut steel, fold the top over, and then off to see a friend to get them powdercoated... and voila, some cool looking labels for our rows of veg!! I did however slightly underestimate the amount of them that I need, and so only made 40.... just the Allium bed will need nearly half of that lot on its own come spring/summer (Sarah also decided that they make a good magic wand, and so kept one, that left 39, and she now waves it at me while using phrases like "Get me a drink" and "Run my bath" amongst others :).  I may try out some other designs for the next batch... maybe flowers or bees or something else garden related. :)


  1. I like those, and they look rather swish! Flighty

  2. As Flighty says, very swish. I think I too would like one as a wand :)Mo

  3. Wow! I love them, they'll survive anything the weather throws at them and they look really cool.

  4. Hi Simon, thanks for the two stars that arrived in the post, they're great and I'd forgotten all about them so it was a nice surprise. I must reimburse you for costs, if you can email me the cost and your address I'll sort that out. Thanks again they will take pride of place in the new patch I'm going to build for the girls, Damo.