Monday, 7 February 2011

Polytunnel progress 2.

 This weekend was a bit of a windy one!! so i'm glad I hadn't arranged to put the covering on the tunnel (by now I would have been hanging on to the plastic sheet somewhere over Norway in the wind :)!!!
 I had planned to get a load of jobs done on the tunnel over the weekend, but to be honest I just didn't get them all done.  I did get the other door frame on which was on my list to do, but I only got one of the raised beds done..... where on earth does the time go to??!!?

 You can see the first raised bed in the photo. It is made from 9x3 reclaimed timber and just cut to length, then nailed together. It is about 5.2m x 1m, and as my arms will verify.... it weighs a LOT. I am going to make some brackets this week to screw onto the corners aswell, just to go all "belt and braces" on it :) The bed on that side doesn't run quite to the far end, I have left an area which I will fill with gravel and have it as hard standing for some big planter bags. The other bed will be full length.
 I did at least get the timber for the other bed collected from the timber yard on saturday, so i'm ready to get it done next weekend now. I also managed to get one or two more slabs down aswell, but not in the tunnel (I have gone a bit paving crazy now).
 Well that's about all for my progress report on the polytunnel this week, I just never really got going on it what with the weather threatening to rain all weekend, and then having a huge list of important clean up jobs that needed addressing. Hopefully next weekend the other raised bed will be done, and then get them both filled, and maybe even get all the aluminium base rails around the bottom aswell.


  1. Looking good, starting to take shape.

  2. Yeah, it wasn't a weekend to be covering polytunnels was it? As the guys say, it's looking good. Mo

  3. Dear Simon, It is always exciting to read about new projects and I am constantly filled with admiration for those who have a practical aptitude. Your polytunnel is, I am sure, going to be a great addition to your garden and will open up all manner of possibilities once the polythene sheeting is attached.

    I am so pleased to have discovered your English weblog which I have added as one of my Blotanical Favourites as well as signing up as a Follower. I look forward to keeping in touch with your progress.

  4. Hi Simon; just discovered your blog, via Blotanical... It makes pretty interesting reading! I just wish I had the space for a polytunnel like yours. I note from your profile that you work in Manufacturing. It's not in the manufacturing of polytunnels is it?!? My small-scale equivalent has been the ordering of some of those "Longrow" cloches that are currently so popular. Looking forward to following your gardening progress.