Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another weekend gone by...!

  Blimey!!  Is it just me, or does it seem like this year is flying by already!!

  This post means the end of yet another busy and productive weekend in the garden... at this rate, summer will be here again very soon!! :) To be honest, saturday could have almost been the summer.... it was glorious!!! out in the garden in my T-shirt, the sun shining and the dogs sunbathing while I worked (I did try to get them pricking out, but they are just far too ham fisted to be any good at it!:)

 Things in the vegetable garden are generally moving on quite well now.  The digging is slowly but surely getting done, and all the old spent compost, the manure, the buckets of fish blood and bone, and the builders bags of leaf mould are quickly disappearing into the ground as I go. I keep thinking of doing some tests on the soil while i dig, as it would be nice to know the PH of my soil just for reference, but I just never get around to buying one of those kits at the garden centre (too obsessed with looking at seeds and bulbs most probably!!).

 The polytunnel is now ready for covering (Sarah shouts "at last"!!), the weekend saw me get the raised beds inside it finished and filled, and the aluminium base rails around the bottom were all fixed on, aswell as the last few battens around the door frames to fix the polythene to. The next step is the cover, and I am eagerly awaiting the next warm, dry and wind free day for that (please let it be this weekend!!) Oh, and a couple of extra pairs of hands wouldn't go amiss if any of you are free this weekend?! :) Food and drink can be provided :)

Aubergine "Diamond" (Geezer)
 The seeds in the propagators are germinating well, and more and more are going in each week now. Sunday was Chilli day!! Yeehaa! when all my chilli seeds went into pots in the warmth finally. One day next weekend will be Sweet pepper day!! :)

 Spring is slowly creeping into the garden all around, and the days are getting longer! Last week actually saw me get home from work in daylight a couple of times, so I got to survey things and fill the bird feeders without the use of the torch for the first time this year.

 One of the things that isn't going so well yet this year, is my crop protection strategy... or more to the point "lack of crop protection strategy"!! I have been having a few issues with mice in the last couple of weeks! They didn't bother me at all last year, so I can only assume that the harsh winter has left them short of food, and now they see my seeds as an easy source!! They have eaten broad beans, parsnips and peas so far.. cleaned out an entire lot of the broad beans... and they have been nibbling all my salad leaf seedlings off as well as the odd other seedling.
 Also, I am lucky that although we live in the countryside, there are no rabbits in the village.... or so I thought! I saw a rabbit in the wood on sunday morning... that is one visitor I don't want to see too much of in my garden again!

 Right then.. i'm off back to writing another list of jobs for this weekend coming. :)


  1. If we were closer we'd come and help :)
    Although just reading your updates exhausts me so I imagine you're a hard task master ;)
    Hope the weather holds out for you at the weekend. Mo

  2. Many thanks Mo. :)
    Errr... it may have been said that i am a bit of a hard taskmaster... but i don't think it's true!! :) I do try and cram as much as i can into my spare time though, that way i am always happy about what i have achieved! :)
    I think you both cram a lot of work into your days aswell don't you.. at least your blog certainly points towards that! :)

  3. I see in your About Me you say that you're laid back and your dogs are certainly following your example!
    You were a lot busier than I was on Saturday as although I was on the plot it was far too wet to do any digging.
    Thankfully there's no rabbits herabouts. Much as I like wildlife their presence would definitely be unwelcome! Flighty

  4. This weekend has certainly started off very different to last weekend, we've got snow here. I see your lovely dogs made the most of the fine weather whilst it was here.

  5. Hi Jo. Yep, the dogs can always be found either sniffing out any kind of wildlife in the wood, or lounging around right in the way of where you are walking!! They are great though!
    Flighty.. they are even more laid back than me usually!! :)