Friday, 11 February 2011

February photo update.

  Well.. what would you have done on a nice sunny afternoon if you had the option of an early finish from work??
 I don't think I would be on my own in saying that pottering around the garden, while at the same time taking a few photo's of anything that catches the eye would be the choice I would make.
 Here is the evidence...

 Sweet pea "Candy cane" growing on in the greenhouse. I shall be training these along the fence at the end of the veg garden.

The Caraway plants look lovely and fresh! :)  This is the secret ingredient for making Latvian "Piragi" ... I am drooling at the thought of them now!!

Chives are one of my favourite herbs! :)

Sarah and I both love Flanders poppies, so we have a few trays to put a row in across the veg plot this year.

The first signs of the Tulips. I cannot for the life of me remember what variety they are!

Getting a bit of colour back into the garden! :)

Snowdrops a-plenty everywhere this week! :)

Hmmmm... anyone have any ideas what this is??  It has completely gone from my mind.
The first sowing of my "Meteor" peas. (My OCD came into play here... after taking the pic I had to turn all the pots round so that all the shoots were pointing the same direction.... much better!! :)

Passion fruit seedlings happy to be basking in some sunshine at long last! :) These will be growing in the polytunnel when it's completed.

Sorry... I know I have put two Snowdrop pics in here... but they do look splendid at this time of year!!


  1. A wonderful set of photos, Simon. You seem to have a fair bit of colour in your garden already. If you had sunshine like that today, you did a lot better than me (in Hampshire).
    Please tell us more about the Latvian Piragi...

  2. Dear Simon, Clearly your garden is already showing many signs of growth. Surely, Spring cannot be too far away now. I spend much of my time in Budapest so am most intrigued to learn more of the Latvian cooking you mention. Although I am a hopeless cook, I love to eat!

  3. Looks like you had a fair amount of sunshine, we had rain! Very good photos and nice to see some fresh green. What is Latvian Piragi when it's at home?

  4. Hello Mark and Edith. It seems as if the Latvian Piragi may be worth a blog now... i will try and make some over the weekend if i have a bit of time, and then post up a recipe and photo next week. Thankyou both for your comments, it's nice to know people are enjoying some of my posts. :) I must spend some time looking at both of yours some more later.

  5. Sorry Evelyn... i didn't mean to disclude you from my previous comment... we just posted at the same time. Weather was pretty good here today, greenhouse got up to about 20 degrees, and the Piragi are kind of like little bread pasties, filled with onion, bacon and caraway seeds then baked in the oven.... they are like pringles though... once you pop, you can't stop!! :)

  6. Great photos Simon and the Latvian Piragi sounds right up my street.

  7. Nice pictures!
    The one foto with the name missing - could it be one of the winter-flowering Loniceras? Like L. purpusii?

  8. Hi Simon, thank you for visiting my blog! I just adore your sweet pea photo, stunning!

  9. Spring is so wonderful, it makes getting up in the morning all the more exciting. Lovely photos Simon. Thanks for following my Blog, it brought me to yours which I will also follow with interest. Ronnie