Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A bird in the hand...... quite literally

  There have been a few mentions of the RSPB bird count this week in peoples blogs, so I just wanted to post this up on here, as i'm quite pleased with it!! :)

This is one of our garden robins at home, who after a bit of perseverance will now eat out of your hand! :)

He is available for childrens parties and the Royal variety performance, but he does command a high price nowadays (I think the fame has gone to his head a bit)!! :)


  1. Lucky you! My plot robin has flown on and off my shoulder and perched on the tip of my boot for for a moment. Flighty

  2. great pic there are not many birds that are tame enough to sit on your hand

  3. Is that a gun barrel pointing at him?! ;)
    Get him booked in for the Royal Wedding.
    Seriously, that's a great pic, you're a lucky man - even more lucky if he poops in your hand :)Mo

  4. Mo... you have sussed my training method!! :)
    Oooooh... Royal wedding.... good plan... he could fly the rings in to them at the alter!! :)