Monday, 14 March 2011

A sunny march day.

 Keeping up with my monthly photo posts, this is march at Fairview in glorious technicolour...

 Ladybirds seem to be everywhere now. My preferred method of aphid control!! :)

 One of my favourite herbs is Basil. I'm trying a new variety this year... lime flavoured Basil, I am looking forward to tasting it!

 A Camellia in full flower in the polytunnel. 
 Some Bellis perennis brightening up the garden.

 The ubiquitous spring bulb shots now... firstly a white narcissus, I have no idea what cultivar though.

 Again, I have no idea what cultivar this yellow daff is.

 Sunday was a glorious day to be out in the garden!

 The bright yellow blooms of the Forsythia's look most striking in the sun!

 This large willow tree fully loaded with catkins, was like a gourmet buffet for the bees. I couldn't believe how many were happily buzzing around it, and how noisy they were.... I actually thought I had got too close to a bee hive at first and was poised to scarper... but then realised where the noise was coming from.  I was absolutely over the moon to see so many bees about already! :)

  A very satisfying view down the veg garden for me on sunday afternoon. All cleaned up and ready for the coming seasons after a lot of hardwork. I did however purposely avoid including the rest of the garden in the photo, as it is in no way fit for showing off yet. In the foreground of the photo is one of my potato beds which has all the first and second earlies in, and the far end is my allium bed. All I really need to do now is just keep it tidy and weed free (if only it was that simple).

 My first earlies starting to get earthed up.... I can taste those lovely new potatoes already!! :)


  1. Hi Simon,

    Interesting that you too seem to have masses of ladybirds around! Not that I mind that at all, but I noticed it too. Definitely more than I had seen last year. Wonder what brought that on? Ps. very envious of your tidy rows of earthed up potatoes. Mine are still chitting....

  2. Lovely pics though I am turning green with envy! The weather in Scotland has been atrocious with little sign of a let up in the wind, rain and sleet. Spring made a very brief appearance in early March and then apparently decided to head south. No fair!

  3. Morning ladies.
    Don't worry Petra, I still have 15kg's or so chitting and waiting to go in. No idea what brought the early ladybirds on... maybe the harsh winter? do they need to find food earlier??
    Sorry Pen, I don't mean to make you turn green. The weather up your way has been terrible if the weather forecasts are to be believed. I can't believe what a difference there has been between the warm and cool fronts splitting the country almost across the centre.

  4. Simon, I like your style: everything in your garden looks neat and well-organised (I bet the bit which you are reluctant to display is nowhere near as bad as you hint...). I try to adopt the same approach - which of course is much easier for me with a smaller plot to look after.
    Great to hear that you have lots of bees about. If we are to believe what we are told, bees are practically doomed to extinction! I saw a Bumble Bee in my garden this week, but I haven't seen any honey bees yet.

  5. Ladybirds DO seem to be in an abundance this year... is there a "reason" for that do we think, or just a lucky year for them? Very happy about it mind you!

    Your garden looks SO good Simon - very jealous. It shows I have a LONG way to get mine into this kind of glorious order. I'm impressed!

  6. Morning Mark, thanks for the compliments... the other side of the veg garden will be exposed soon... you're right though, it's not really that bad to be honest. I had a bumblebee in the polytunnel with me on sunday, and the honeybees were everywhere... maybe i have a hive nearby somewhere.
    Morning Stephen, thanks also for your compliments, but it only looks good because i don't photograph the bad bits! :) Ladybirds are great!!

  7. Wonderful photo's :)
    We too have many ladybirds but I have only seen one bee so far.

  8. Thanks Mo, i am taking a lot more photo's so far this year, i guess because of the blog, so i have more to choose from when finding the good ones :)
    The bees were swarming around the willow tree again this afternoon when i got home.. it really is lovely to see and hear them! :)