Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What a great evening!

Aint life brilliant!!!!
I'm sat here in front of the TV watching "The inbetweeners" :) while surfing gardening blogs on the net and looking at my seed spuds which turned up today, topped off by scribbling down garden jobs for the weekend in my pad (Yes, i'm an obsessive list writer :).


Also, I got home tonight to find my lemon grass had germinated already.... the packet said 21-40 days.... how on earth did it come up in 3?

Happy but confused :)

Lastly, had the best dinner cooked by the best girlfriend!! (obviously that's Sarah, just incase she thinks I meant someone else ;) We had roasted chicken thighs, chorizo and sweet potatoes, with a good dressing of olive oil, chilli's from the greenhouse (got a load frozen in the freezer) and cumin seeds. Some delicious buttered sweetcorn, and a few spears of broccoli on the side did their best to green it all up a bit aswell :)

I shall retire to the boudoir a happy man tonight!! :)


  1. My dad used to ask if I kept a list of all my lists :)
    Never grown Lemon Grass so have no idea if early arrival is good or bad.
    Your Blog is growing nicely though.

  2. Now it's just verging between obessive and sad lol

  3. Probably more sad than obsessive I think :)

  4. oh sounds like a darn good meal - Sarah is a keeper :)