Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Chapter 1..... Getting the hang of "Blogging"

  Ok.... I have come to the conclusion that i'm better at gardening than Blogging (sounds terribly big headed i know).... but I have just spent nearly an hour trying to add a "Gadget" to my blog.... and I still haven't got it on here!!! Give me strength someone! I thought us 30 somethings were supposed to be IT literate and all that!!
 Well, i'm sure it will come to me eventually, but for now I just want to say hello and welcome to my blog about the 4 or 5 acres of gardens and grounds Sarah and I are trying to make a bit of an impression on this year.  The veg garden is the most important part for me, and growing anything for the kitchen, as both myself and Sarah love to cook, and then secondly trying to take the village flower show by storm later this year after getting a couple of firsts while testing the water last year. Aside from the veg plot, I shall also be having a go at all sorts of other things related to living the good life, if time (and Sarah) allow me.
 I shall apologise now just incase I start to ramble on a bit.. which people have said i do quite frequently to be honest.  I shall try and limit my waffle, and stay on topic as much as possible...... however, please forgive me if i do wander briefly :)  So without further ado.....  i now pronounce this blog "open"!!!


  1. Hey good luck mate
    I use Blogger so if you want any assistance, just ask

  2. Well done on a good first post! I like blogs that are interesting, informative and above all enjoyable to read. I'm your second follower and look forward to lots more posts, and plenty of photos as well. Flighty.

  3. good luck with the new blog. ps like the back ground