Tuesday 2 August 2011

The urge.

I just have that urge this morning....
Not that rather naughty one that I cannot discuss here....
But the urge to blog about my greenhouse....

I am over the moon with it so far this year!! It feels like walking into a jungle when I go in :)

 It has done me proud so far in it's second life, the first of which was in someone else's garden where it wasn't appreciated as it should have been. Now it is positioned right at the entrance to my veg garden and it has the huge responsibility of raising all my seedlings, growing on tenders through the winter, producing crops of exotics through the summer and just protecting any of it's inhabitants (including me) from the worst that the elements can throw at it! 

Oh, and it's the spot to plug in the radio!! :)

Peering into the jungle.

 Anyway, it's nothing special.. an 8x6 lean to greenhouse, slabs on the floor, some auto vents and a power supply, but I (and the garden) would be lost without it.
 The summer crops are doing really well this year. Cucumber 'Carmen F1', Chilli 'Lemon drop' and 'Bartletts bonnet' to name a few, aswell as tomatoes, aubergines, sweet peppers and more chilli's. I have used a mixture of large pots and growbags all sat in plastic growbag trays, which are then filled with gravel for positioning the pots on.

Chilli 'Cayenne'

 I haven't painted any of that white shading onto the glass this year, and so far I cannot see any difference in the crops inside.... saves me worrying about it again in the future now :)

Sweet pepper 'Orange bell'

 Although this years harvests have been relatively small until now from the greenhouse, I think things are about to move up a gear or two as the plants have a lot of nearly ripe pickings for Sarah and I!! :)

Aubergine 'Some random seeds from Malaysia'

Cucumber 'Carmen F1'

 Well that's enough from me for today. I shall be back when I get my next urge! :)

I hope you are all making the most of the summer this week.


  1. There's a lot of innuendo in this post!!! :-)

    Fancy choosing to illustrate it with cucumbers, aubergines and chillis...

    They do look fine specimens though. The greenhouse has obviously been a very worthwhile investment.

  2. I'm agreeing with Mark, and wondering which urge you are 'really' talking about! ;)
    great pics though, Mo

  3. Looking good, Simon. Greenhouses are especially special places aren't they? I net the one at work to provide shade otherwise it would be just too hot and stuff would be scorched - it's often left for a day or two unattended.

    "in someone else's garden where it wasn't appreciated as it should have been" - could be my autobiography title!!


  4. Wonderful stuff! All looks so healthy and lovely. I am growing Cayenne chillies too, mine are still very green, hoping to see them ripening soon. You must be so proud, and quite rightfully so!!

  5. I really love your greenhouse I sooooooooo want one! The soil s still so cold here nothing is germinating.